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Dun & Bradstreet's Identi-Check Now Includes Consumer Credit Bureau data

About Identi-Check® V2.7

With identity fraud on the rise and tightening anti money laundering regulations (AML), electronic verification of the identity of individuals is essential to minimising risks of fraud and credit problems.

Ideal for consumer lending, banking, telecommunications and the insurance industry, or any organisations accepting applications or enrolments, FCS OnLine Identi-Check® V2.7 cuts the time and cost of verifying people’s information and increases the accuracy of the information captured.

You’ll have access to comprehensive databases, sophisticated scoring models and detailed reports on predictive patterns associated with identity theft, fraud and risk. The result: you have all the information you need at your fingertips to make fast, informed decisions.

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Changes To Identi-Check® V2.7

The Identi-Check® solution currently utilises the Sensis White Pages as one of its many data sources. Due to decommissioning of the White Pages source by Sensis, this data source will no longer be available in our Identi-Check® solution.

The change will take effect on 15th December 2017. We don’t expect the change to cause any system outages and the change will not affect how you currently access the solution.

Illion’s new electronic verification solution, illion greenID, combines additional data sets and a flexible and intuitive platform to deliver the most effective electronic identity verification in the market, providing protection against fraud and ensuring adherence with AML compliance requirements. Using a multi-stage verification model, illion greenID accesses a number data sources including the Australian Claims Database and the Document Verification Service to maximise verification rates. For more information on illion greenID, please contact us on 13 23 33.

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